Dragon Book Trailer

Night Wolf Designs created a book trailer for my new YA sci-fi/fantasy novel, Problems on Eldora Prime. You can view it on YouTube, where I encourage you to give it a fab rating and leave a comment! It’s moody and spooky, just like I’d hoped it would be.

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Market with an Online Book Tour

Lots of authors refer to the online book tour as a virtual book tour, but, trust me, there’s nothing virtual about it. It’s hard work, whether you have a tour service/PR firm helping you or not. I’ll discuss some ideas for making your online book tour a success at this blog (or you can come to one of my IRL presentations on the subject), and I invite you to stop by one of my tour dates for the upcoming Problems on Eldora Prime or What Choices We Made tours.

Watch Out for that Funky Dragon

I recently told a friend of mine not to fret about the Nile Monitor population here in Cape Coral, Fla., because those lizards aren’t as dastardly as, say, a Komodo Dragon. I neglected to mention the monitor gets up to 7 feet long and runs up to 18 mph. These are details some people don’t need cluttering their minds.

Dragons come in all shapes and sizes, and it’s kinda cool to think there are about 1,000 of the 7-foot variety sharing “the island” with me. (I keep my birds inside.) I’ve yet to see one of these beasties, though.

I’m sure there are squeamish mothers out there who don’t keep a good eye on their toddlers who think a Nile Monitor could drag their kids into the canals, but monitors can’t dislocate their jaws the way snakes can. If someone wants to worry about a reptile, they need to get worked up about the pythons and such, right?

The dragons are cool. 😉

Now, it does break my heart to think the burrowing owls that stand in the middle of the street at night (yes, they just stand there and look at oncoming cars–it’s very strange) might be in danger from a burrowing dragon/lizard. I have to hope these owls around here are as wise as the storybooks make them out to be.

“Some days, you just want the dragon to win.”

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The Sword is Mightier Than the Pen

Sandy wields a sword at a weapons shop that also sells her novels.

For my line of work, strangers often assume I’m a crime writer; I think about ways to kill people. But I’m a fantasy author, and, believe it or not, coming up with creative ways to kill off obnoxious characters takes up a lot of my time. It can’t always be “stepped on by dragon” or “eaten by dragon” or “impaled by dragon’s claw.”

You see what I mean.

No matter what your preferred genre, a pen to a character’s jugular (and I mean that on both levels) is a messy yet efficient way to off someone, but the sword holds a special place in my heart. It gets attention. Take a sharp, pointy weapon into a book store (which I do for my book signings) and it garners attention. The sword is mighty attractive.

If you’re an author planning a book signing, consider your table accessories carefully. Heck, plan your accessories for photo shoots. No matter what genre you write, there are some eye-catching objects you can use to attract attention. Care to start a list?

“Some days, you just want the dragon to win.”

Dragon in Motion

Far above the shadowed cave, shafts of light stab down from errant cracks in the mountain. The cavern has become unstable here. In her dream state, she has sensed it.

An observer could hear the smooth scratch of shifting scales. The air moves with thDragon with Sword Illustratione changed rhythm in her breathing. What had once been an uneasy mustiness churns with dust and a fetid, rank meat smell from the moist cavern. She has awakened. She stirs, and a ray of light glances off a patch of onyx scale.

With a groaning of bones she labors to raise her head. The graceful black neck glistens through a shaft of light. The dragon has been asleep for years; only instinct forced her tongue to lash out for the morsels that dared to creep by during her slumber. Now the stink of rotted tidbits offends her as she flares her nostrils at the garbage dotting her bower.

As she drags energy into her muscles she moves a wing for support. This disturbs her treasure-bed. Gold and silver and pretty trinkets cascade from her mound, clanking and clunking to the stones below. The sound is satisfying. Even its echo through the halls of her lair pleases her, but the clutter from sleepy feasting does not. She snorts a vicious blow. Dead things scatter with a clatter, and the lighter of her trophies scratch across the floor. Dust and rocks swirl among them, dinging little clinking sounds.

She’s cleared a path. It’s time for the dragon to move.

Fantasy enthusiasts used to find her on blogger. Now she’s here…at Today The Dragon Wins. Enjoy the journey!

“Some days, you just want the dragon to win.”

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We’ve Moved

Today the Dragon Wins has moved from its former server, where it enjoyed more than four years of simple blogging. As its administrator, Fantasy Author Sandy Lender went out into the world teaching classes on blogging and social media. She built other blogs for other people and left poor TTDW floundering alone…unfledged.

It’s time to take things up a notch. (or more)

Welcome to the new and improved Today The Dragon Wins. We’ll be adding content and features over the next week or so. We may even let Nigel Taiman guest-post…

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Hello world!

Welcome to the imagination of Fantasy Author Sandy Lender. This should be a trip…

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