The Sword is Mightier Than the Pen

Sandy wields a sword at a weapons shop that also sells her novels.

For my line of work, strangers often assume I’m a crime writer; I think about ways to kill people. But I’m a fantasy author, and, believe it or not, coming up with creative ways to kill off obnoxious characters takes up a lot of my time. It can’t always be “stepped on by dragon” or “eaten by dragon” or “impaled by dragon’s claw.”

You see what I mean.

No matter what your preferred genre, a pen to a character’s jugular (and I mean that on both levels) is a messy yet efficient way to off someone, but the sword holds a special place in my heart. It gets attention. Take a sharp, pointy weapon into a book store (which I do for my book signings) and it garners attention. The sword is mighty attractive.

If you’re an author planning a book signing, consider your table accessories carefully. Heck, plan your accessories for photo shoots. No matter what genre you write, there are some eye-catching objects you can use to attract attention. Care to start a list?

“Some days, you just want the dragon to win.”